Your athletic performance can be affected just as much by your mental abilities as it can by your physical ones.

Just like an iceberg, which is what’s on the surface, the part that sticks out of the water represents your symptoms: that pain or injury, the doubts you’re feeling, or the challenges you’re having with your game. Those are all symptoms your body’s using to communicate to you. What is not seen is 88% of the iceberg, which is below the surface.

I offer 2 different packages.

In order to sign up for either package, you’ll first need to go through the Breakthrough Session in order to find out which package is right for you.

The Single Breakthrough Session

You’re stuck and know you’re not playing to the best of your ability. You’ve tried various approaches to get unstuck and nothing’s working. You know you can do better if only you could figure out what was creating these blocks.

Whether you’re struggling with one aspect of your game or, you’re slow to recover from an injury or chronic pain, this session will allow you to experience how you can benefit from working with me.

This is complimentary and therefore, you have nothing to lose except for the barriers holding you back to being and feeling better.

In this Single Breakthrough Session, we’ll focus directly on the issue that’s causing you trouble. You’ll gain clarity and understanding about why you’re unable to move forward and excel. You’ll get that A-ha moment! And, you’ll experience how quickly I can get you the results you desire.

This session will allow you to see how I work and will help you find out how I can help you play your best game ever.

Many athletes with whom I’ve worked have often asked me, “Where were you when I needed you?” Meaning, they wish they had found me when they were recovering from an injury, experiencing inconsistencies, or having difficulty knowing why they were stuck.

If you’re having challenges, don’t wait. Come in and see me.

Sign up today.

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Package #1: Getting You Unstuck

(Package of 4 Sessions)

This package focuses on one problem area and targets that issue until it’s resolved.

Perhaps you’ve been working at improving your game but you’ve hit a plateau, lost that consistency, or are just feeling immense pressure. Perhaps you’re recovering from an injury and you’re worried you won’t be able to maintain your former level of performance. Together we will:

  1. Identify and release the blocks that are causing your issue to decrease your performance.
  2. Each session will get your closer to finding out all the reasons for why your game is suffering and what to do about it.
  3. We’ll look at getting you ok with many different scenarios by asking your mind and body to consider various statements.

Package #2: Mastering Your Game

and Achieving Excellence

(Package of 16 Sessions)

This package digs deep to find all the ways in which you’re getting stuck. It will help you be the athlete you’ve dreamed of being and which know you are.

  1. We’ll focus on your goals and identify and release the reasons your performance is not where you want it to be.
  1. We will test specific nerve and muscle reflexes to evaluate whether there are mental blocks that are interfering with your performance and if there are, we will make the necessary corrections. Can you see the ball as fast as you’d like? Are you able to push aside the sounds around you and focus on the game? We’ll test specific senses (like sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell) to confirm that your body and mind are communicating optimally, which will improve all aspects of your game.
  1. We will use video analysis if available to find out what comes up for you when you watch yourself playing or what happens when you watch your opponents. If we were just to talk about how you feel when you watch video analysis, we’d only be working with the surface. Instead, we’ll be accessing the unconscious to understand what’s getting in your way.

We will also employ the use of photos of yourself, your teammates, coaches, opponents, or anyone directly connected to your sport. This allows us to find all the barriers impeding your success.

This package consists of 16 sessions. It is either 2-months if you decide to come 2x/week for 2 months (being seen 2x/week creates faster results). Or, it is a 4-month package if you are seen 1x/week.

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