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3 Mental Tips for Increasing Your Velocity

You can implement a lot of physical strategies for improving velocity but sometimes there are mental blocks, which prevent you from reaching your goals. The blocks aren’t always obvious but once you figure them out, you’ll progress more quickly. A baseball player I recently worked with had a strong...

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This Is Why You’re Stuck

  The disabled list is a safe place to be. You’re still getting paid, you’re still on the team, you’re just injured. Just Injured? Are injuries an inevitable component of being a professional baseball player?   Some injuries are worse than others and some necessitate a longer recovery. Rationally,...

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Are You Your Own Frenemy? Do you find yourself sabotaging your fitness goals?

This is how I envisioned my body would look by May 1, 2013, ENVISIONED being the key word. If I had stuck to my new year’s resolution of getting in the best shape of my life in 2013, I might not be feeling the urgency to cram four months...

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