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You’re stuck and know you’re not playing to the best of your ability. You’ve tried various approaches to get unstuck and nothing’s working. You know you can do better if only you could figure out what was creating these blocks.

In this Single Breakthrough Session, we’ll focus directly on the issue that’s causing you trouble. You’ll gain clarity and understanding about why you’re unable to excel. You’ll get that A-ha moment! And, you’ll experience how quickly I can get you the results you desire.

This session will allow you to see how I work and will help you find out how I can help you play your best game ever. I believe in what I do so much that you’ll get a money back guarantee if you don’t feel any differently after this session.

Many athletes with whom I’ve worked have often asked me, “Where were you when I needed you?” Meaning, they wish they had found me when they were recovering from an injury, experiencing inconsistencies, or knowing that they could be playing better and not knowing why they were stuck.

If you’re having these difficulties, don’t wait. Come in and see me.

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Success Stories


Presenting Issue:
Francesca presented with back pain. She reported that she had tried many things to get the pain to subside including yoga, stretching and massage and that the pain would go away but only temporarily.

I assessed the back pain and determined that there was a mental/emotional stressor. I found the idea of “cling to the past” as a result of a recent trip to NYC, which reminded her of when she lived there when she was younger. She dreaded that she wouldn’t experience NYC the same way she had due to being older and having more responsibilities.

Through further assessments, I discovered a similar feeling when Francesca was 15 and living in Switzerland. She clung to her fun memories in Switzerland and dreaded returning to the US.

I had Francesca remember that feeling of clinging to the past when she was 15 while she held various acupressure points.

Francesca’s back pain dissolved during the session and she reports that it did not return.

“I have to admit that I really had no background knowledge or experience with Serena’s approaches. Some time ago I was experiencing horrible back pain that would surge daily. I tried stretching and yoga, but it would always come back. Serena offered to do a little work with me and although I was skeptical, I tried it out without setting high expectations. To put it simply, after my session with Serena, the back pain never came back.”



Presenting Issue:
Kristin presented with pain in her left psoas. She had tried chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, stretching, and had consulted with medical doctors for 5 years but says that nothing truly helped. She reports that the pain was worsening despite the interventions she had tried.

I determined that there were mental factors associated with Kristin’s psoas pain. I discovered “sadness” as a result of some difficulty she was experiencing with her boyfriend. Upon further testing, I discovered that this similar feeling arose when she was 8 years old and her parents were going through a divorce. I had Kristin recall that time in her life when her parents were divorcing and the sadness she felt.

Kristin returned for 2 more visits. During each visit, Kristin reported that the pain subsided until she no longer felt it at all.

“Serena helped me when no one else could figure out what to do. For about five years, I had gone to several doctors and tried various approaches for a chronic pain issue. It was starting to get really bad, and I felt pretty out-of-control about what to do. I had no trouble trying Serena’s various approaches because I was open to anything, but I will admit that I was skeptical. Within two sessions, things started changing dramatically, not just in terms of my pain but also on the level of my whole life. Serena’s approach is amazingly simple yet effective. And for once, my analytical mind could take the backseat. I feel forever indebted to Serena’s kindness, humor, and sensitivity.”


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