Helping athletes perform better faster.

Are you an athlete and:

  • Have you been doing great but can’t seem to maintain those results?
  • Do you feel like the pressure to succeed hinders your performance?
  • Are injuries and chronic pain compromising your ability to excel?


I assist athletes in playing a bigger game by asking the body for answers rather than only using a talk it out approach. You rely on your body to perform. Your body also has the ability to communicate why you’re getting in your own way. I use a straightforward approach involving manual muscle testing, coaching, and acupressure points to access this wisdom. Treatment takes as little as 10 minutes and the results are immediate.

I can help you:

  • Move past a plateau, slump, or losing streak
  • Figure out why you’re freezing under pressure
  • Recover faster from injuries and alleviate chronic pain
  • Improve focus
  • Overcome doubt and negativity
  • Improve team chemistry

I assist you in figuring out the why—why you’ve hit a plateau, why you’re in a slump, why the very sport that used to give you the most gratification is now causing you the most frustration. Instead of just talking about your challenges, I help you dig below the surface, bypassing the rational brain, that part of your brain that thinks of what to say before saying it, and instead, zoom in like a laser beam on the stressor that is causing the issue in the first place.

Just like an iceberg, which is what’s on the surface, the part that sticks out of the water represents your symptoms: that pain or injury, the doubts you’re feeling, or the challenges you’re having with your game. Those are all symptoms your body’s using to communicate to you. What is not seen is 88% of the iceberg, which is below the surface.

Taking a pill or getting surgery focuses on treating the symptom and might help in the short term, but it won’t address the reasons why your performance is suffering. Talking about your struggles might alleviate your stress but it won’t figure out the reasons why you’re having difficulty with your game.

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to come in and unlock what’s been keeping you from performing at your peak?

Sign up today for my Single Breakthrough Session.

In 1 hour I will help you gain clarity and understanding on why you’re stuck so that you can return to your game as soon as possible.


Find the underlying block getting in the way of you performing at your peak.



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